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Birthdate:Sep 22
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Hello- I'm Laura! I don't really know what to say about myself, I am so many different things I find describing myself (particularly in a box) not very easy at all! I can be deep and reflective but I'm also light-hearted and silly. I like to be silly and to laugh- it makes me feel good. But I also think and feel things deeply so can tend towards being profound/expressive... it just depends on the circumstance and the company! I like to write so that brings out my deeper thoughts and feelings. With friends I tend to be open and chatty as I just like to share- thoughts, ideas, experiences- I'm very interested in other people and love sharing both the deeper and more frivalous aspects of life with my friends. I tend towards wanting to make my friends feel good and happy, there was a time in my life when I didn't feel too great and now that I am generally happy, I hate when others are sad or upset and endeavour to do whatever I can to cheer someone up if they feel that way! Sometimes I worry this might be annoying... but I can't help it- I have a big heart and it just wants to send good vibes!
I generally get along with people and like to think I'm easy enough to get along with too.

Work-wise I'm a hypnotherapist/holistic therapist helping people tune in to the best of themselves- in this life we often spend far too much time being hard/unkind to ourselves. I also teach early years (and up to year 2) as a supply teacher, though I am looking for a part time job in early years to get my 'probation year' (NQT) of teaching done. I did start this but fell very ill during it, so I had a year off, did some travelling, then started up doing supply to get back into teaching before being responsible for my own class again.

In my spare time I like to do a variety of things- although I mostly tend to veg out on the t'internet!
I absolutely LOVE to dance, although I've never learnt any 'proper' moves- I am hoping to do that soon- I love dancing because it makes me feel passionate, alive, free... really brings out my fun happy spirit and also my dramatic, theatrical side!
Other things I like to do are walking and generally being outdoors in nature looking at the birds and animals and pretty scenery, photography, and reading- I love to read, particularly books on self development as not only do they help me in my work, they also help me- I like to develop myself and have learnt a lot of very useful things that help in times of stress.

I have some annoying health issues that frustrate me, but I do my best to keep my happy-go-lucky and optimistic spirit intact, and happily I'm at a point in life where they don't hold me back too much anymore.

Another thing I am very grateful for are my friends- I have in my life now the friends I want to keep, yet of course there's always room for more- I'm just very grateful for the people who are kind and good and stand by me as I do the same for them and that's what friendship is all about!

A big part of my life since 2005 is reiki- which is a life force energy that promotes well-being- anyone can learn how to access and use it- and it was the best thing I ever learnt how to do. It hasn't solved my health issues as yet but it's certainly helped me stay happy during some trying times and it's very relaxing, soothing and pleasant- plus I can use it to help others too which always makes me happy.

I am also very interested in past lives and soul-groups/bonds since reading books by Brian Weiss and Michael Newton on "Life Between Lives". It's fascinating. I've even been lucky enough to do a past life regression on someone who had some insight into the life between life state!

Basically (because I'm rambling now) I like to think that I come across as an open-minded, non-judgemental, optimistic girl (I can never call myself a woman, perhaps I never want to grow up- and I don't want kids either!) with a happy smile, a friendly, caring nature, and a compassionate heart- with a good dose of daft uniqueness as I don't take life too seriously and probably never will! :)
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